Books: The CFO Series has produced a wealth of great material and content to read and listen to. Below are a mixture of books, blogs and podcasts I have loved, and books, blogs and podcasts that the CFOs I've interviewed have loved. 


The following are blogs which I follow with keen interest; they are a mixture of individuals leading in the space of personal finance and women who are bossing the blogging world. 

  • The Mad Fientist: he's Scottish, and provides excellent worksheets to improve your personal wealth 
  • The Escape Artist: brilliant articles discussing financial independence using cultural references
  • Mr Monevator: he has never revealed his identity. His blogs are excellent for those looking to improve their investments. 
  • Disease Called Debt: a phenomenal blog packed with practical and helpful advice to unpick and debt problems you may be facing.  
  • Just a Girl and Her Blog: this lady is across the pond and is absolutely smashing it with her blog. She publishes her "income reports"; the last one was December 2016 where she was earning $46,000 A MONTH. Respect girlfriend!