Freelancer? 5 Fun Tech Companies for your Tax Return (or just to read about)

Oh god, I hear you cry, not more on tax returns...NO.

This is fun technology; whether you need to prepare your income tax bill or company accounts, or not, these technology companies are great to check out. They are the definition of beautiful technology. 

As always, as a chartered accountant, any questions ping them to 


If you're a freelancer, check out these two pieces of software:

Taxco'd: I LOVE this software. The best kind of technology companies, are super focused, have fantastic interfaces that are clear and simple to use and have transparent and great value pricing. Welcome Taxco'd. 

A beautiful piece of software that has been recommended to me several times over; and now I have recommended to everyone I meet. This app will set you back a tiny £69 a year, and captures all your transactions, allows you to take photos of all your receipts, and...wait for it...will file your tax return for you. This is a fantastic piece of software. 

Quickbooks: I also think this company is fantastic. Quickbooks have have been on the market for some time now. This company have some fantastic ad on's and partnerships with their company. You can connect your Paypal account for email payments, your GoCardless account for direct debt payments and Receipt Bank to capture all your receipts. You may have seen a lot of adverts recently for them in the run up to the tax filing deadline (31st of January). 

They provide all the functionality that Taxco'd does, and have cheaper pricing than Taxco'd (and a sale at the moment as well). For some reason I just cannot get on board with them as much as I can on Taxco'd. 

Another relatively big player in the freelance accounting software market is FreeAgent; I don't know a lot on this company. From comparison websites I have seen the customer satisfaction has ranked lower than Quickbooks, however, per their website, they were voted UKs #1 accounting software for small businesses. I'm not sure who issued these awards, but they might also be worth trying out. 

Company Accounts

Xero: this accounting company revolutionised the accounting software market. Previously you were lumbered with the large accounting software packages (Sage etc) on one side, or google sheets, or excel on the other. None of these were really fit for purpose. Then along came Xero, and wow, what a difference they made. This software has defined the accounting space; a New Zealand company originally, Xero is now global, and a poster child of technological success. With streamlined functionality, a multitude of ad ons, and most of the accountants of SMBs in the world on this software, they are top of their game. 

Personally, I would not recommend them for freelancing; they are geared towards companies, particularly in the SMB space. 

Quickbooks, and Kashflow also offer a similar accounting package to Xero, but I honestly would not look any further than Xero. 

Someone does your accounts

If you need the help and advice of someone else, that is completely understandable. Choosing the right accountant or tax advisor is often a little tricky, particularly if you can't quite define what you are looking for.

Two of my favourite comparison sites for accountants and tax advisors (and lawyers, and wealth advisors) are:

Both of these sites are fantastic at providing a wide range of accountants, who will complete your accounts and / or provide accounting and tax advice. They have a brilliant rating system as well, and most of the companies listed on their sites, have great offers for the first time you use the company. Call up several of these companies and work out what you need before progressing with any one company. Get your scope as specific as possible before engaging with these providers; this will keep your quote as as possible. 

We live in a time of great technology; check out the players above for beautiful accounting technology at its finest. 

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