5 Technology Companies that will Increase Your Investments

Having worked with or in tech companies in London for the past 5 years, I've had the opportunity to see, and meet the CEOs, of some pretty awesome innovations in personal finance. The potential benefits these companies can bring to our lives is profound. 

The following are my 5 favourite companies to help increase and improve your investments. 

Property Partner

Property Partner: can't get on the property market as you don't have the money for a deposit...no stress...Property Partner allows you to own small portions of property that you choose. Even month you get rental income, equivalent to the % of the house that you own. When the property sells (hopefully for a profit), you get a return on your original money. 

Even if you decide to sell your piece of the property early, Property Partner operates a secondary debt market that allows you to sell pieces of your property to other buyers. 

Again, an intuitive interface, low fees and complete transparency means you can really understand what your money is doing in the property market. 


Moneybox: This is an EPIC idea. I love this technology as it epitomises my love of subconscious saving and investing!! Moneybox is an app that allows its users to invest small change into stocks and shares ISAs or cash ISAs. Through adding your payment card, you make purchases which Moneybox records; you can then round up that purchase and invest or save the surplus.

For example my coffee this morning cost me £2.40. I can choose to round up to £3.00 and ask Money Box to invest my £0.60 into a stocks and shares ISA or savings ISA. Small incremental steps and amounts saved and invested can add up to significant amounts over the year. 

Wise Alpha

Wise Alpha: I am a strong believer in having a diversified portfolio of assets; bonds, stocks and shares, cash, property, pension etc. The bond market, however, has aways been notoriously difficult to invest in; you needed at least £100k in cash to invest. Until now...

....Wise Alpha, a start up tech company, based in London, allow individuals to invest in corporate bonds. Bonds, if you have never heard of them previously, are a bit complex. Here's the blog I wrote on understanding bonds. 

Wealth Simple

Wealth Simple: Wealth Simple is a Canadian company who have expanded into the UK. They have created an online platform that allows you to invest your money in ETFs (exchange traded funds). Exchange traded funds are basically diversified portfolios that track top listed companies on various stock markets. 

The underlying assumption is that markets track up over time; putting money in now means greater future returns.  

The site is super easy to use, fees are low and it's a great and intuitive piece of technology. 

As an aside, I particularly enjoy their money diaries; these are biographies of celebrities and their emotions, and attitudes towards money. 

Finally, but by know means least...


Finimize: this is a London based start up that provides daily financial news, to your email. The information is consumable in 3 to 4 minutes, and is quick and easy to read through over your morning coffee. These guys have created fantastic, easy to digest content, providing relevant and up to date information; they cover the financial headlines, but dive into specifically what that means for you. If you prefer to pick stocks and shares to invest in, these guys provide brilliant insight across many companies, and many fields. 

I love the above 5 pieces of technology, and strongly believe that they will help increase any investment portfolio. 

Photo from the beautiful unsplash.com

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