Money Isn't Everything


At the end of the day money isn't everything...

...there, I've said it. Capitalism may drive the world, and having a strong economy equals power held. 

Today is my 30th birthday, so I'm going to keep this blog very short. 


Why doesn't money matter?

My boiler recently broke, then my shower packed in, and then I found out I have a structural fault with my balcony. Cue undue stress and a significant drain of money (Please also look at blog #4 on why NOT to own a house). 

The time spent in anxiety, and stress is time I'll never get back; worry whirring through my head was a drain on my health. 

What two things I've realised that are more important than money are time, and health. 

WHY? I can, and will, always make money back.

Time and health I cannot make back. 

Why that conclusion?

Your outward success is dominated by your inward success.

You cannot face high pressure situations if you are sick; you cannot work, or invest your money if your body, and particularly mind does not function. 

We have a short time on this planet; being in the best mental and physical health is core. 

Money is repeatable and scalable:

  • I can find a job tomorrow and make money;
  • I can ask for a pay rise
  • I can hussle, generate ideas and make money
  • I can invest money and make money

I can keep making money. 

I can't keep making time and health. 


So how do I protect time and health?

I'm not a spiritual person but there are three things I stand by to increase health, and to a certain extent, time:

  1. people are core; if they uplift my life, they are drawn closer to me. If they make my life more negative, I push them away.
  2. sleep; sleep rejuvenates the body. I don't sleep for many hours a day, but if I'm stressed, I sleep. 
  3. gratitude; every day, I write down 5 things I am grateful for. 

I've had the privilege of having 30 fabulously healthy and successful years. My job has placed importance of money, and society places importance on money, but at the end of the day, it's just money...

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