Half Your Workout Bills And Double your Fitness


To save money you can just go outside and run. I am not going to advocate this; it definitely is an option. Despite my Scottish roots, I;

  • dislike the cold (but also dislike over heating when running),

  • find daily running monotonous, and
  • often require someone shouting at me to actually exert myself and burn fat. 

If you attend a lot of gym classes or independent studios for classes, try the below techniques to half your workout costs. 


As with all my money confident financial workouts;

  • download your bank statement,
  • total up how much you spend on workout classes a month, and the
  • half it


What Next?

Get creative with the below options to half your monthly gym classes:


Free / Sample Classes

  • Class Pass Trial: Limited to London and US locations currently; the Class Pass trial provides 5 different classes for only £10. (These classes are normally valued between £15 to £20 a month).
  • Big brand free classes:  the following brands offer classes at their stores, usually for free. They get booked super quickly but are fantastic and inspiring places to train:
  • Our Parks: a brilliant venture offering free classes across parks in the UK
  • Free Running Clubs: Nike offer this as do Sweatshop running community. I'm sure there are a plethora of free running (or cycling) clubs if you just Google. 
  • Finally, and my absolute favourite on this list Good Gym; get fit helping in community projects or running to see an older person. 


Online Classes

  • Online Classes: there are numerous free online classes, from HIIT to yoga. Two of my favourites include:
  • Youtube classes: while there are online channels and websites advocating free videos, YouTube has a fantastic array of free exercise options. 


Get Outside

  • Get outside: I know I said I wasn't going to advocate this....but bear with me. Instead of mindlessly doing laps of your park, try: 
    • cycling to work (it also saves travel money)
    • outdoor gyms - this is council run outdoor equipment. The popularity of these has shot up:  
      • your local council website can guide you to your nearest outdoor gym; find out more here
      • alternatively, the biggest provider of outdoor gym equipment is "The Great Outdoor Gym Company"; they can direct you to your local outdoor gym. 


Reduce Your Fixed Costs

  • Leisure Centres: the classes offered here are normally as varied as those offered by premium gyms. The membership is significantly cheaper. Find your local leisure centre here
  • Pay as you Gym: this site is brilliant for finding day passes to suit your needs. Yes, they offer gym passes but they also offer excellent class options too.


Tracking what you spend monthly on gym classes, and finding little ways to reduce it can make a big financial impact over time. 

Photo from the beautiful unsplash.com

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