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Hello 😀

💰I'm Corinne and write The Careerist; the posts are inspired from my career path in accounting.

I’ve covered many roles, having qualified with KPMG in 2013 with the ACA. A career in accounting can be hugely varied, or it can lead to a completely new career path. Many people do the accounting qualifications as they don’t really know what they want to do with their life when they leave university. While the qualification provides a great base, for many, it can also throw up many questions around what you actually want to do with your career. 💰

💸I started this site as a way of show casing the different finance routes I’ve seen to date, and books that have helped shape my thinking and my career. 💸

🖊️Please leave comments, and if you have questions, please ping them over to me at weescotfinance@gmail.com 🖊️


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